Thunder Mountain Elementary Shared Vision: 

We strive to be a positive community who thinks creatively, problem solves, and loves learning.

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  Principal Amy Frazier
  Assistant Principal Britni Westbrook
  Secretary Tanya Daniel
  Secretary Jackie DiThomas
  School Counselor Chablis Sweet 

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Welcome to Thunder Mountain Elementary!

S - Safety

O - Ownership for Our Actions

A - Awesome Learner
R - Respect

What's Happening

Thunderbird Times – April 2021 

   Shared vision:  We strive to be a positive community who thinks creatively, problem solves, and loves learning.


Responsive Classroom

How do teachers teach social skills?

Teachers understand that students may not come to their classrooms knowing how to take turns, listen, disagree respectfully, walk quietly in a hallway, or do many other things that reflect positive school behavior. To help the students learn, teachers will carefully:

  • Break skills and tasks into small parts

  • Briefly describe the behavior they’re looking for

  • Model the behavior

  • Give students plenty of practice and feedback

  • Reteach as necessary throughout the year


Colorado Measures of Academic Success:

CMAS assessments are well under way. Please see this LINK for more details.


Student Council Penny Wars

TMT Student Council Penny War was a great success!  They raised over $2500.00  to help “Power Up Our Playground.”  Thanks to all of these efforts, we have been able to buy soccer goals, fix and improve the zipline, and we are looking to get a gaga ball pit!  Our soccer goals have already arrived and students are truly enjoying them!


Our student council would like to partner with families and community members to continue their efforts in “Powering Up Our Playground.”  Please see their letter on the following page. 


Art Show

Thunder Mountain Art Show at the Art Center of Western Colorado is this month March 19 - April 16th.  You can visit the Art Show during Art Center's business hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm.  The Art Center is located at 1803 N. 7th Street.  Admission to The Art Center is $3. Tuesdays are FREE.  There are 49 pieces of Thunder Mountain student artwork in the show this year!   

Kindergarten Round-Up:

Children who will be 5 years old on or before August 31, 2021, are invited to register for the Fall of 2021-22 school year through our online registration process. Online Kindergarten Registration will open on Monday, April 19th & run through the months of April & May.  


Summer Extension 2021:

Parents - save the date! Some of our students will be invited to extended learning this summer.  This is an option for students to grow in literacy and math alongside friends! Extended year will take place Wednesday, June 2nd through Tuesday, June 29th.  Mon.-Thurs. 8:30am-1:00pm. Lunch and Busing will be provided.  If your child’s participation is being requested, you will be receiving additional information in the upcoming weeks. 
See this link: Summer Extension 2021


PTO & SAC Meeting - Wednesday, April 14th 

Please join us for our PTO meeting on Wednesday, 

April 14th at 4:30 in the cafeteria.  PTO will be hosting elections for next year’s governing seats and voting on bylaws. The School Advisory Committee meeting will immediately follow the PTO meeting.  The main SAC agenda item will be creating a family survey to elicit feedback around this school year.   Please attend these meetings - we need and appreciate you!  



Neighborhood Courtesy:

Remember, the preferred method for picking up your students is using the parent pick-up loop. In the event that you need to park in a surrounding neighborhood to meet your children, please do not block driveways or park on corners of the street.   

Student Walkers:

As the weather continues to warm up, we will have more students walking to and from school.  Please use extra caution when in school zones to help us keep our students safe.


April  Events

Please click here for our April calendar.

Dear Members of our Community,   


We are the Student Council from Thunder Mountain Elementary. We represent approximately 450 students who have been trying to find a way to 

     P o w e r   U p   O u r  P l a y g r o u n d . 

We are looking for support from our community. We need donations of money, time and labor to help us achieve our goal. If you have a resource that could help us, we would appreciate your help. 

So far, we have held a Penny War to raise over $2500.00. With that money we have purchased soccer goals. Our dream is to build a Gaga Pit, a sensory path and other fun things for our students to do at recess. We would also like to install a variety of new, safe surfaces for our playground.

Some suggestions of donations could include:

  • Monetary donations

  • Time and effort spent doing the labor

  • Equipment needed to complete the labor

  • Lumber or other material to build a Gaga Pit

  • Any other assets that would benefit our playground


If you are able to support us, please contact us and join in our project of 

P o w e r i n g   U p   O u r   P l a y g r o u n d .


Contact information: 

Thunder Mountain Elementary 970-254-5870



Thunder Mountain Student Council (2020-2021) 

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